Biographical Summary




A self-taught painter and sculptor born in Morzine, Haute-Savoie, Michel Faublée gets to know Jean Paulhan through his poetic writings in 1962.

Receives the Fénéon Award in 1966.

Exhibits at the Jeanne Castel Gallery from 1967 to 1972 with Fautrier Hélion Ozenfant.

1968. Creation of three monumental sculptures of reinforced concrete for the Burkina Faso Embassy, 159 Boulevard Hausmann, Paris.

From 1973 to 1989 Michel Faublée undertakes a self-management approach in Paris, from the workshop opened at 9 rue Quincampoix to the Bastille Gallery at 20 rue de Lappe. Approach inconsistent with the formal culture networks.

Nevertheless participates as a "one man show" in international fairs in Europe (Basel, FIAC, Zurich Forum, Arco, Hamburg Forum, etc…)

1988. Important encounter with a young financial advisor who would later become an art dealer: first exhibition with I.S.Thomas Gallery in 1990.

1993. Finds an 800 m² space in Belleville, a workplace and living quarters which gives him a valuable opportunity to exchange with collectors during visits.

1990-2003. Close collaboration with Yves Thomas and his gallery for 17 solo exhibitions, 4 Salons de Mars, 3 Art Frankfurt.

2002. Frédérique and Michel settle in Bezons (close to La Défense) in a former 1695 m² banana-ripening facility called “La Mûrisserie”. The renovation work lasts about three years.

Once completed the Bezons Mûrisserie enabled a museum approach to works of art both paintings and sculptures; it has also been a major turning point in our reflection on what the future holds in France for artists with an entrepreneurial spirit …

2009. In the end Bezons will only have been part of the journey; and in truth exile is seen as a liberating challenge.

As a writer, Michel has published:

1968 –Writings of before

Editions de la Galerie Jeanne Castel-Marie José Duvaux, Paris (épuisé)


1986 – Painting to write

Editions Périple, Paris (out of stock)


1995 – Traces

Editions IS Thomas Galerie, Paris


2011 –A peinter for exile

Editions La Mûrisserie, Bezons


2011 –Writings of nature

Photos paintings 1978, texts 2011

Editions La Mûrisserie, Bezons


2011 –Happy Family

Photos collages 1978, texts Frédérique Faublée

Editions La Mûrisserie, Bezons


2016 –Distorted writings

Editions La Mûrisserie, Bezons


Present status .

Old and mature, and happy to be old, serene in his man’s life with his young wife and his little boy, Julien, Michel still wants to leave for a dreamt exile that still flies fades away…

HE has lived so many projects of faraway settlements and residences: Ibiza,  Los Angeles, Sydney, Rome’s surroundings. Plans are ready, models are made, visas obtained, then time flies, and disillusions step in just when the artist prepares his considerable relocation. Crash! Loosing again!


Believing in Destiny is better, says he. The work of the painter stays in his mind, but that doesn’t prevent him from running to an exile that doesn’t tell its name.

The Savoyard has creole blood. He likes nature, then why not new fields?

The next Murisserie will be to be built on a ground with enough land to pile up all our desires.  

No doubt I will then appreciate the contribution of these exile plans that boosted me during 30 years.

Thank you Art; thank you beyond time ….